Picture Perfect

medium-skin-2Here are some suggestions for looking great in photos. You won’t mind being tagged on social media for once.

image (52)-One of the best ways to look cute is to smeyes. This
means smile with your eyes (a slight squint). Try it! It works.

medium-skin-6-Chin out. Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth
to stay away from appearing like you have a double chin.
(Or to lessen the look of one in general).
olive-skin-1-It’s important to go a bit darker in your application. What shows up in natural daylight may not be enough for flash photography or dim light. Define the lash line with mascara and eyeliner and add some cheek contour with a matte bronzer.

olive-skin-4-Use colour correctors under your eyes and on any spots to need extra coverage. You won’t need to layer on as much base to hide these areas
which with keep you from creasing and looking cakey.

image (42)-Keep matte. It’s pretty to have some shine on cheekbones but keep the centre of your face matte by applying powder to your T-zone area. This will help to avoid greasy looking skin.

aj-Stay away from HD powders to avoid the Angelina Jolie
makeup mishap where chalky patches appeared on her face for her photo op.
Go for a translucent pressed powder that I can keep in my purse for touch ups.

lipgloss-Lip gloss is one of my faves but for pics, I would only apply gloss in the center of the lip to give dimension and to avoid losing the definition of the lip line. You can also achieve a 3D lip by lining with a pencil one shade darker than your
natural lip colour, filling in with a lipstick and choosing a lighter lip shade or
matte concealer blended into the center of the lip.

eyes-Eye drops to alleviate redness. Brightening up the whites of your eyes always helps to make a better picture. So many of the photo apps include this feature for this reason.

olive-skin-2-Steer clear or hard edges. Blending is essential to looking less made up and softer in photos.

Follow these steps and you’ll be looking cover worthy. Or at the
least, you’ll get a great new profile pic.


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