Morning Make-up Hack

We know the morning routine…  If you are anything like us you want to have time to enjoy your morning coffee, get everything done without rushing and look fabulous heading out the door.


simplifying your beauty routine is key to fitting in the time for everything that needs to get done and being able to look great, feel confident and arrive on time.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:  first of all, organize your stuff and get rid of what you don’t use and what’s too old to use etc.

Then apply…

  1.  Tinted moisturizer!  Its a two in one.  Perfect.  Put it on all over your face.  They are available for all skin types.slide-1
  2. Concealer.  Add some extra coverage in areas and under the eyes.2
  3. Cream blush.  Work it into the apples of your cheeks.intro-totalbeauty-logo-best-blush-face-shape
  4. mascara.  Define those lashes and enhance your eyes.mascara
  5. Lipgloss. A sheer shade is easiest to


A Powder compact is always useful.  Throw a translucent colourless powder in your purse to cut shine throughout the day.  It’s also a portable mirror.

*extras can always be added like eyeliner, bronzer and maybe some shadow if so inclined*



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